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(M): SELECT CONCAT(login, password) FROM members. 7. Строки без кавычек Есть несколько

sql injection "union select null" - CodeProject


Union select null, null, null, null, null, null, null from information_schema.tables. for a small database containing three tables. this instruction is used in sql injection I tried it and it worked but I didn't really know how it works can somebody help me...

Confusing SQL error in SELECT NULL, *, NULL, NULL - Stack Overflow


UNION ALL SELECT NULL, *, NULL, NULL FROM email. I understand what this does and why; the hacker needs to create a query that has the same number

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COUNT, DISTINCT, and NULLs - SQL with Bert


Viewing and COUNTing the NULLs. Sometimes we might have to do the opposite of what the default functionality does when using DISTINCT and COUNT

sql server - Why does COUNT() aggregate return 0 for 'NULL'?


ColA NULL NULL NULL etc... If I add an aggregate to this query

SQL Tip: COUNTing NULL values – Benjamin's Blog


I've been asked about counting NULL values several times so I'm going to blog about it in hopes others will be helped by this explanation of NULL values in

Заметка про NULL / Хабр | select col from ttt where col is not null


Существуют специальные операторы IS NULL и IS NOT NULL, которые позволяют производить сравнения с NULLами.

payloads/Injection at master · xsuperbug/payloads · GitHub


x' AND members.email IS NULL; -- x' OR full_name LIKE '%Bob%.

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SET CONCAT ! - задать другой символ для конкатенации. SET DEFINE ON/OFF - включить/отключить замену переменных (&var, &&var). Запомнить настройки перед выполнением скрипта и вернуть обратно по завершении выполнения

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