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what's good to eat after a workout yahoo


Figuring out what to eat before or after a workout is only one part of the equation. Here, we tap top experts to help you figure out when you should eat. Is it bad or good to eat after a workout? | Yahoo Answers.

Is it bad to eat after a workout? | Yahoo Answers


It's good to eat post workout. you are actually supposed to. but if your "workout" is 8 minute abs you've probably only earned an apple and not a trough of chili con carne, yanno?

Good Foods To Eat After A Workout Yahoo Answers - Most Popular...


What S Happening In Your Body When You Eat Thanksgiving Dinner.

Is It Better To Eat Before Or After A Workout? / Fitness


Short answer: It is best to do both! Eating before a workout serves a very different purpose than eating after a workout but they are both equally important.

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What's the Best Time to Eat — Before or After Working Out?


Why Morning Workouts Are Best. Keep in mind that finding what works best for you in terms of timing, quantity, and type of food may take some trial and error.

What to eat after a workout? answers


905.866 medical & health answers. What to eat after a workout? answers (2577).

What should I eat after a workout? | Well+Good


What to eat after a workout. Now the big question: Should you go for protein or carbs after a workout? According to Dr. Sacheck, the answer is both—but more protein than carbs, or at most a 50/50 split, depending on the type of workout you’re doing.

Q&A: What's the Best Dinner to Eat After an Evening Workout?


The question: "I know what to eat as a post-gym snack, but what about when you leave a workout and it's dinnertime?" The expert: Janet Brill, R.D., director of nutrition for Fitness Together The answer: Just as

What's the best thing to eat after a workout? | realbuzz.com


What you eat after a workout is key. Your body has burned fuel from pre-workout meals, and then broken down glycogen stored in muscles.

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