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Influenza. Influenza is also called the flu or seasonal flu. It is an infection that starts in the nose, throat and lungs and spreads to the whole body. Flu virus is ... If you have vomiting or diarrhea: ▻ Drink plenty of fluids. Take small sips throughout the day to ease nausea. ▻ Eat foods such as toast, rice, crackers, applesauce, ...

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Listed here are some of the foods you can't eat with Diverticulitis that you can use as a reference or as a starting point for more research. ..... Health: If you have been diagnosed with thyroid problems like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto& thyroiditis, or Graves& disease, then you are going to want eat from this list ...

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You may have a chest x-ray and a sample of your mucus checked for bacteria or virus germs called a sputum culture. • You may get antibiotics as pills or in ... Eat a healthy diet. • Do not smoke. • Follow-up with your doctor within 7 days, even if you are feeling better. To limit your risk of pneumonia, get a flu shot every fall.

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Примеры перевода, содержащие „тошнота“ – Англо-русский словарь и система поиска по миллионам английских переводов.

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Do not call 000 if it is not an emergency, for example if you have a cold and need to see a doctor, if you are lost and need directions, or if you are locked out of your house ... However, anxiety, stress, minor trauma, certain medical, surgical and dental procedures and illnesses such as colds and flu have been cited as triggers.

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Feb 2, 2011 ... I have had five of these episodes within the past six months and most only last 5- 10 minutes. There is no pain involved, just right eye blurriness and trouble walking. The worst episode lasted 30 minutes and was accompanied with nausea and the vertigo and walking was extremely impaired. I am a ...

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I have a headache. У меня болит живот. I have a stomach ache. Меня тошнит. I feel nauseous. Меня знобит. I have chills. У меня тошнота. I have nausea. ... I have a flu. У меня болит горло, насморк, и я очень много чихаю. I have a sore throat and a runny nose, and I'm sneezing a lot. У меня кружится голова и я ...

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Rich in vitamins C, K, A, E, B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, folate, pantothenic acid), manganese, copper, pota ssium, iron, magnesium, zinc, protein, amino acids, dietary fiber, tannins, antioxidants, and flavonoids, they're great for treating colds, flu, fever, vitamin C deficiencies, morning sickness, nausea, stomach ...

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Jun 24, 2010 ... You have to do an epley maneuver to correct this problem depending on which side it's on. Amoxicillin work for the sinus pressure and infection, but not the dizziness and nausea. Look up epley maneuver on youtube because you can do it on yourself with someone helping. Sorry so late...I just found you!

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Foods to Eat. Whether you experience vomiting or not, the flu can make you nauseated and kill your appetite when you need proper nutrition the most. Likewise, you may not feel like eating when you can barely make it out of bed.

What to Eat When You Have the Flu | What’s Good for Nausea?

But what do you eat when you have both a fever and cold-like symptoms that come with the flu? Of course, good nutrition is a must to help your immune system fight this virus.

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Flu virus is ... If you have vomiting or diarrhea: ▻ Drink plenty of fluids. Take small sips throughout the day to ease nausea. ▻.

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Here are some foods to eat when you have the flu for a stronger immune system.

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“If you’re not feeling up to eating a whole lot, you should make what you do eat really count,” she says.

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Foods To Eat If You Have Diarrhea. While it is never easy to deal with body aches, fever and chills, diarrhea can make things even more difficult.

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Ideally, what you want to eat when you have a gastroenteritis virus is bland foods with little to no taste or smell so they do not trigger nausea and, consequently, vomiting and are

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The symptoms of the stomach flu include nausea, watery diarrhea, ... You Eat After a Stomach ... to be easy on the stomach. ...

10 Best Foods To Eat When You Have The Flu

When an individual comes down with a cold or flu, the body responds by making antibodies to fight the invading virus particles.

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Eat dark chocolate when you do not know what to eat when you have the flu.Dark chocolate has compounds that help boost your immunity.

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