21 июн 2016 ... The volume of the stomach of an adult after eating 1 to 4 liters. Therefore, if the volume grew balls orbeez will exceed the volume of the stomach, it can not sustain and burst. If their number be small, it may be food poisoning this year and in the first case you need to make an urgent gastric lavage so as not to ...

Learn to describe health problems in Russian - Free Russian course ...


To say that you have a pain somewhere you can start your phrase with these words: У меня́ боли́т ... - I have a pain in ... Боли́т comes from ... I caught cold. У меня́ грипп. - I have flu. Я боле́ю. - I'm ill. To say someone how he or she do feel, you can use these phrases: Как вы себя́ чу́вствуете? - How you do feel? (plural or ...

What will happen if you EAT RAW MEAT


2 июн 2016 ... What will happen if you EAT RAW MEAT Meat is the main source of protein in the human diet. Among nutritionists, there is debate about which method of cooking of meat products is more preferable. At high temperatures of the nutrients and the protein is destroyed. That is why among the supporters of ...

Plant-Based Diet & Mood | NutritionFacts.org


Dec 10, 2010 ... Three months ago we changed to a plant based diet. For that same time frame my husband has been sick with one thing or another. He has been lethargic, weak and just plain not well. I have suffered from stomach pains and nausea. I thought we were switching to a healthier life style. What the heck is ...

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Unterstützung undokumentiert Arbeitender, 1020 Wien. Verlags- und Herstellungsort: Wien, 2014. You have rights – even if you're undocumented! Low pay or no wage at all? You can sue your boss. Accident at work or sick? You' re entitled to health care and get a paid sick leave. No vacations? You can demand your rights.

Sick and tired of something? Learn how to express it in Russian!


30 апр 2012 ... Geetings to you! Скажи́те, когда́ вам что́-то о́чень надоело, оно́ у вас где? Вот у ру́сских оно́ в пе́чени. Они́ пря́мо так и говоря́т: у меня́ уже́ э́то в печёнках сиди́т! (печёнка – э́то произво́дное от сло́ва “пе́чень”.) Tell me please, when you are sick and tired of something, where do you have? Well, the ...

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Pump all this trash, chemicals and sugar into your body, but then don't fuss why you're sick, 'cause that's just stupid. Your fucking .... You should be on Man vs food. mohebbul haque День назад. Oh.That pan cake looks very tasty. That ice cream that pizza. I want to eat them.Please share that with me.,. Teresa Falzon День ...

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Meaning: If you want to sneak away from doing this hard part of the job, go ahead , you will only make it simpler for me. ..... beggars might ride.; If ifs and ands were pots and pans, then we would need no tinkers.; If wishes were fishes, there'd be no room in the river for water.; If wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak.

Influenza - Russian


If you have the flu: If you are sick with the flu, protect yourself and limit the spread of the flu: • Take flu medicine as directed, if ordered by your doctor. Be sure to take ... If you have vomiting or diarrhea: ... on this website should not be used in place of a consultation with your doctor or other health care provider. You should  ...

Russian for adoptive parents: Doctor and health


These phrases in Russian have been created for parents adopting a Russian speaking child. Learn here essential words you'll use when your child feels unwell or when have to go to the doctor.

What Foods To Eat When You Are Sick and Want to Get Better


You might have wondered what food you should eat when you feel sick and not doing anything. Most common illness is common cold and that can be easily treated if healthy foods are eaten on a daily basis.

10 Foods You Can Eat When You Are Sick


The most important thing to know is that you can’t just eat anything when you’re sick because it could upset your symptoms even more and you have to be careful with what you pick to prevent that from happening. Exactly what can you eat when you’re sick?

What Can You Eat When You are Sick and Have No Appetite?


Whether it’s a cold, flu or something more serious like cancer, when you are sick you have no appetite. Not eating for a few days can take a toll on your immune system which needs to be at full capacity to fight off infection.

What to eat when your sick? answers


what do u eat when your sick? A: I came across this great product for weight loss and it was excellent for me. together with a good diet and exercise I am finally happy with my body and the way I look.

What Can I Eat When I'm Sick? | Paleo Leap


Nobody wants to cook a huge and complicated meal when they’re sick – and even if someone else did the work, it’s not always easy to choke down the real food you know you should be eating.

What food should you eat when you are sick


What should you eat when im sick? You should stick to flavor-neutra foods. Too much food, fat, sugar, ect. can make your stomach feel more upset. Plenty of water and fluids like tea and juices are essential, t…oo.

The 15 Best Foods to Eat When You're Sick


And when you're sick, eating the right foods is more important than ever.

What To Eat When You're Sick | HuffPost


The Need-To-Know When we're sick, the body needs more calories to function normally.

Best and Worst Foods To Eat When You're Sick - Health


What to eat when you're not feeling well, broken down symptom by symptom.

What You Should Eat When You're Sick | STACK


A swift recovery from the flu is essential to getting back on the field or in the weight room. Sports dietician Leslie Bonci shares a few food choices that will boost your immune system and help you get over that virus quickly.

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