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What can i eat i have a bad case of strep throat? answers


what happens if I have strep Throat but do no get a prescription to cure it? A: gargle with salt water. the salt will help kill the germs. you can do it with peroxide to , just rinse well. If you do nothing worse case scenario is that the infection eats away at your throat and spreads to your blood stream where...

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Children can pass the strep throat virus through their saliva or nasal fluids. Photo Credit: Attila Barabas/iStock/Getty Images. There is a lot of confusion surrounding what strep actually is.

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I just found out yesterday I have strep throat and it feels like I can't eat ANYTHING!! I've been drinking a lot of fluids, but I need to eat something. My fever went down, and I'm kinda getting my appetite back. What should I eat and is there any foods I should avoid?

What to Eat When You Have Strep Throat


What could be more delightful than enjoying a cup of tea with ginger and honey, fresh and favorable while your throat is sore? In my point of view, this is the best foods to eat when you have Strep Throat.

what food should i eat if i have strep throat


You can get a strep throat 2 to 7 days after being around a person who ... Do not share glasses or cups, eat off of other people's plates, or share

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Anyone who has ever experienced strep throat knows the pain it can cause. You feel miserable, you cannot talk, you cannot eat.

Strep Throat


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Doctor insights on: What Can You Eat With Strep Throat.

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A sore throat can be painful. However, a sore throat does not automatically mean you have strep throat. In fact, most sore throats are caused by viruses, which go away on their own.

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Knowing what you can eat with strep throat helps you fight the infection. Home remedies here help a lot!

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