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Save up to 20% | The NEW generation of occupancy sensors


WattStopper occupancy sensors.



Dual Technology sensors ensure the greatest sensitivity and coverage for tough applications, without the threat of false triggers. This leads to the greatest energy savings. DT-200 series DT-300 series. 800.879.8585 • www.wattstopper.com 4. Applying occupancy sensors.

Design and Application Guide | Designing the occupancy sensor project


Ultrasonic occupancy sensors (UT-300). WT-2200. When creating zones of coverage, such as the coverage illustrated in the example above, take care to ensure that sensor coverages overlap by 20%. www.wattstopper.com 800.879.8585. 7.

Occupancy Sensor | www.wattstopper.com | 8 0 0 . 8 7 9 . 8 5 8 5


The sensors provide 180 degree coverage and are designed for locations that require wide angle occupancy detection, such as

W Series Ultrasonic Ceiling Sensors | Coverage Pattern


Switch. Occupancy Sensor. Coverage Pattern.

DT-200 | Visit our website for FAQs: www.wattstopper.com


The WattStopper DT-200 Dual Technology occupancy sensors combine advanced passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies into one unit.

Wattstopper | Passive Infrared Sensing in Warehouses


Wattstopper. ® FSP-Lx Lens Modules for FSP-2xx Series PIR Occupancy Sensors. No: 24226 – 08/16 rev. 1. Lens Coverage Guide.

DW-100 Dual Technology | www.wattstopper.com | 8 0 0 . 8 7 9 . 8 5 8 5


DW-100 Dual Technology Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor. High sensitivity and dense coverage for exceptional performance.

Dt-305 Sensor Degree 24v Occupancy 360 Wattstopper Coverage


70 USD. Brand (Wattstopper), Model (DT-305), Color (White), UPC (754182913831), Review (mpn:dt-305 for sale) 360 Dt-305 24v Coverage Wattstopper Occupancy Degree Sensor . Watt stopper dt 305 dual tech occupancy sensor 24vdc power pack with 360 degree coverage.

WattStopper DT-300 Ceiling Occupancy Sensor, 360... - Amazon.com


The sensor mounts on the ceiling with a flat, unobtrusive appearance and provides 360 degrees of coverage.The WattStopper DT300 Motion/Occupancy Sensorturns lighting on when both PIR and ultrasonic technologies detect occupancy.

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