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O(nk) means the time it takes is proportional to n * k. O(n+k) means the time it takes is proportional to n + k. It's exactly what it seems like. You will need to be more specific in your question about what you don't understand. In your case, the algorithm's runtime is O(nk) because the inner loop runs a total of...

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I had to sort the arrays. Minus the details I came up with an algorithm that does the job for in klog(k) times the total number of elements. i.e. O(nk(log(k))).

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This is because log (nk) = k log n using logarithm identities, and k log n is O(log n) because k is a constant. You should be careful not to blindly conclude that an algorithm that is O(log (nk)) is O(log n), though; if k is a parameter to the function or depends on n, the correct big-O computation would be...

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So $\binom nk=\binom n{n-k}$ which have opposite signs.

t g(x) n.r is a finite 2m lim (1ogn (n) log, (n +1) log, (n +2) og (nk)) is...


To ask Unlimited Maths doubts download Doubtnut from - https://goo.gl/9WZjCW t g(x) n.r is a finite 2m lim (1ogn (n)log, (n +1) log, (n +2) og (nk)) is equal to (a)n (b)K (c) o (d)none of these 28) lim cot (r2 is (a)o (b) tan 1 (c) tan (d)none.

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When quicksort is called on a subarray with fewer than k elements, let it simply return without sorting the subarray. After the top-level call to quicksort returns, run insertion sort on the entire array to finish the sorting process. Argue that this sorting algorithm runs in O(nk + nlg(n/k)) expected time.

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Other Python implementations (or older or still-under development versions of CPython) may have slightly different performance characteristics. However, it is generally safe to assume that they are not slower by more than a factor of O(log n). Generally, 'n' is the number of elements currently in the...

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O(nk + n log n + k2 log2 n).

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