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The oil and gas industry has an enormous impact on all aspects of daily life. ... forces that drive the industry's operations, the oil and gas markets, including the cost of wells, .... Каждый курс — это интерактивный учебник, который содержит ...

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Примеры перевода, содержащие „price breakdown“ – Русско-английский ... 9) following the decreasing order of proposed prices in breakdown by each variant of proposed price. bnm. .... Это обстоятельство, вкупе с наличием множества земельных законов, ряд .... in natural gas import prices and disruptions in wine [.

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ПРИРОДНОГО ГАЗА. PRICING IN THE WORLD MARKET OF NATURAL GAS .... своей сути это тоже рыночный метод, но в качестве ориентира выступает.

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this, the option in the Energy Management Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz) to subject natural gas infrastructure in pipeline competition to an international price  ...

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21 авг 2018 ... Solidity - это высокоуровневый язык для виртуальной машины ..... (alias for block.timestamp ); tx.gasprice ( uint ): gas price of the transaction ...

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Перевод контекст "increase in the price" c английский на русский от ... increase in the price of fossil fuels, mainly internationally traded oil and gas. .... Это привело к быстрому и резкому росту цен на металлы на мировом рынке.

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Нефть низкопроницаемых коллекторов (также нефть (высоко)плотных коллекторов, ... Recoverable Shale Oil and Shale Gas Resources: An Assessment of 137 Shale ... Trends in U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Upstream Costs, page 1].

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Это означает, что Газпром продавал бы газ газовым компаниям в Европе по цене, равной полным долгосрочным предельным издержкам производства ...

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Mar 15, 2016 ... Finally, natural gas prices have come down significantly, making liquefied natural gas (LNG) competitive with imports by pipeline, and ...

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LPG - liquefied petroleum gas; CNG - compressed natural gas. ... or reversed as the poor face higher prices for liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene. ... Это способствует быстрому расширению использования природного газа вместо  ...

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Historically and currently, natural gas costs are well below that price. Even the highest commercial/industrial natural gas firm rate on record is only $1.38 per therm. The higher cost was the result of 2005's unusually active and destructive hurricane season.

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Gas Cost Recovery: The cost of the natural gas itself, which is measured in thousand cubic feet (Mcf).

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This article focuses on the costs of leasing natural gas generators built for prime power in industrial settings, like in oil and gas fields. Information about natural gas generators for standby applications can be found in our article titled ‘Do Natural Gas Generators Work for Standby Applications?’

Efficient and Economical On average, natural gas costs much less...


Natural gas is "a natural" when it comes to your business – traditionally at lower rates than propane, heating oil or electricity.

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Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane, but commonly including varying amounts of other higher alkanes, and sometimes a small percentage of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, or helium.

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How much natural gas cost? Natural gas is a traded commodity on the market like oil, or any common stock. Therefore its price can fluctuate, sometimes wildly, especially dependent on the supply and dema…nd for it.

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Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can offer an array of economic and environmental benefits to California residents. These may include the economic benefits of a low-cost, domestic fuel, developing a market for green jobs, improving regional air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions...

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The comparison of propane versus natural gas for residential fuel supply is a popular topic with homeowners trying to reduce their heating costs. Natural gas is made up of several gases including propane, and mostly consists of methane.

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What Are the Benefits of Buying Natural Gas On The Open Market? Just as many communities have discovered that they can create cost savings by working together in regional schemes to negotiate better contractor rates for capital projects, so too they are finding that they can go beyond taking...

PSE gets OK to reduce natural gas costs... | Snoqualmie Valley Record


Last week, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved multiple requests from PSE to decrease the combined average monthly natural gas cost by 2.6 percent for residential customers.

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