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Taking the morning after pill three times in three months. ...... "The Birth Control Implant Nexplanon Really Works, So Here Are 9 ..... Or to start your periods if you have PCOS. .... Food Fat Burning - Is weight loss your New Year resolution?

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What NOT to eat for pregnant women These foods should be avoided during pregnancy and even after pregnancy, they contain additives and highly dangerous ...

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Sudden periods after 2 years of having the Nexplanon implant?!?


Similar Questions. Nexplanon - Are you suppose to have periods? Posted 25 Sep 2014 • 3 answers. Sudden periods after over a year on Nexaplanon?

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Conceiving after Nexplanon. I had my Nexplanon removed yesterday afternoon since my boyfriend and I decided to TTC.

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What if I want NEXPLANON for more than 3 years? The NEXPLANON implant must be removed after 3 years.

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I had my implanon removed July after having it in for a year.

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The NEXPLANON implant must be removed after 3 years.

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What happens with Nexplanon after insertion? Will I need regular check ups? Do other medicines affect the reliability of Nexplanon?

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Hello, I am 17 years old and I had the nexplanon contraceptive implant for around a year. About a month and a half ago I got it removed, and I had a period as usual after it was removed, rather than the light withdrawal bleed that comes with nexplanon when it is inserted.

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I have had the Nexplanon implant for about a year and 2 months. The first few months of having the implant in, my periods were very erratic. After 6 months it got a bit better, but there were a couple months when I had spotting instead of my period or I missed my period entirely.

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I am on my third nexplanon. I have no complaints. I took the pill for around 8 year before. I don’t have a period for the first year of the implant but the last 2 years of it I have I for about 6 days each month.

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