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Замедляем выполнение запросов в PostgreSQL / Хабр


А можно использовать встроенную функцию pg_sleep(), параметром которой может быть передано количество секунд, на которое нужно остановить исполнение запроса.

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Does pgsql have a waitfor statement like t-sql. Yes, pg_sleep: Pg=> SELECT pg_sleep(10); pg_sleep -.

Sleep Closes All Programs - HP Support Community - 6699974


Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit). The laptop (or, probably it's Windows 10's fault) recently began waking from sleep mode with all running programs closed. I'm not sure exactly how recently this behaviour started, but I think it's been within the last month or two.

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while a=b loop --do something select pg_sleep(5); end loop. I doubt this would work because when I try to run SELECT pg_sleep(5) stand alone, it throws

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To include a SELECT clause into an WHERE part you can use a sub select or a function like strpos: Strpos( (SELECT CASE WHEN 1=1. THEN pg_sleep(10). ELSE pg_sleep(0) END )::text, '1' ) > 0; There is an interesting paper on Advanced PostgreSQL SQL Injection and Filter Bypass Techniques.

1%';SELECT PG_SLEEP(5)-- - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum


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Don't forget to like & share and subscribe Thank you :) hello this video explains how to prevent windows 10 or less from cutting power on your usb ports...

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cat regionupdates.sql | perl -e '$i = 1; while(<STDIN>) { $i++; print $_; if ($i % 50 == 0) { sleep 10; } }' | psql -d MYDB -L output.txt.

Linux sleep command help and examples


Examples. sleep 10. Delays for 10 seconds. Related commands. date — Output the current date and time. time — Report how long it takes for a command to execute. wait — Await process completion.

nexium hp7");select pg_sleep(10)-- на YouTube:

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