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Смотреть что такое "knot" в других словарях: Knot — (n[o^]t), n. [OE. knot, knotte, AS. cnotta; akin to D. knot, OHG. chnodo, chnoto, G. knoten, Icel. kn[=u]tr, Sw. knut, Dan. knude, and perh. to L. nodus. Cf. {Knout}, {Knit}.] 1. (a) A fastening together of the parts or ends of one or more… … The Collaborative International  ...

On hyperbolic knots with the same m-fold and n-fold cyclic branched ...

We have proved in previous work that, for any pair of different integers m > n > 2 ( respectively m > n >= 2) which are not coprime, a hyperbolic (respectively 2ρ/n- hyperbolic) knot is determined by its m-fold and n-fold cyclic branched coverings; also, if n is not a power of two, there exist at most two hyperbolic or ...

Knot velvet body - Woman | MANGO Bosnia-Herzegovina

Velvet fabric Decorative knot Round neck Popper fastening on the pantie.

Число развязывания (теория узлов) — Википедия

Число развязывания в теории узлов — один из важных инвариантов узла, минимальное число переключения мостов, то есть число переходов сквозь себя, после чего узел развязывается. Содержание. [скрыть]. 1 Числа развязывания некоторых узлов; 2 Свойства; 3 Другие числовые инварианты узлов ...

Asymmetric knot shirt - Woman | MANGO Indonesia

Asymmetric design Cotton fabric Classic collar Long sleeve with buttoned cuffs Button fastening on the front section Decorative knot.

Why Knot? - ул. Володарского, 21

See 69 photos and 21 tips from 490 visitors to Why Knot? ... at Why Knot? by Скептическая Р. on 11/30/2017; Photo taken at Why Knot? by Vavyorka on 11/22 /2017; Photo taken at Why Knot? by Valery N. on 10/28/2017; Photo taken at Why Knot? by Victoria Z. on 10/21/2017; Photo taken at Why Knot? by Дима Я. on 10/ 18/ ...

Knot asymmetric dress - Woman | MANGO India

Flowy fabric Straight design Textured design Metallic finish Decorative knot Asymmetric hem.

knot - Russian translation - English-Russian dictionary

knot (also: corner, crux, entanglement, hurdle). volume_up. затруднение [ затрудне́ние] {n}. knot (also: handful, lot, parcel, cluster of people). volume_up. кучка [ку́чка] {f}. knot (also: nodule, papula, papule). volume_up. узелок [узело́к] {m}. knot. volume_up. морской узел {m}. knot. volume_up. главный вопрос {m}. knot.

Число пересечений (теория узлов) — Википедия

В теории узлов число пересечений узла — это наименьшее число пересечений на любой диаграмме узла. Число пересечений является инвариантом узла. Содержание. [скрыть]. 1 Примеры; 2 Таблицы; 3 Аддитивность; 4 Приложение в биоинформатике; 5 Связанные инварианты; 6 Примечания ...

Application of the knot theory to the Mongolian knot design ...

20 дек 2017 ... Many peoples have a tradition of using various knots for economic and other purposes. Since ancient times, beautiful hand-drawn knots are used to decorate many objects, and these days they are widely used by designers. Almost two centuries ago, mathematicians began to study the knots, and since then ...

Fort Troff - Mount N Knot

DIMENSIONS: The Mount N Knot has a maximum circumference of 4 inches with 4.5 inches of insertable length.

Lissajous knot - Wikipedia

In knot theory, a Lissajous knot is a knot defined by parametric equations of the form. where. , , and. are integers and the phase shifts. , , and. may be any real numbers. The projection of a Lissajous knot onto any of the three coordinate planes is a Lissajous curve...

Knot (mathematics) - Wikipedia

In mathematics, a knot is an embedding of a circle. in 3-dimensional Euclidean space, R3 (also known as E3), considered up to continuous deformations (isotopies). A crucial difference between the standard mathematical and conventional notions of a knot is that mathematical knots are closed—there are no...

ROCK n' KNOT - Главная | фейсбук

ROCK n' KNOT добавил(-а) 2 новых фото в альбом «Classic Series (Basic Color)».

Tangles'n Knots - YouTube

Simple and fun tutorials using Nylon Braided Cord or Chinese Knotting Cord!

Knot - definition of knot by The Free Dictionary

3. A unifying bond, especially a marriage bond. 4. A tight cluster of persons or things: a knot of onlookers. 5. A feeling of tightness: a knot of fear in my stomach.

Fish N Fool Knot - How to tie the Fish N Fool Knot | Fishing Knots

The Fish-N-Fool Knot gained rapid popularity after it was featured in and won it’s category in North American Fishing’s “Knot Wars” series.

knot n | Tumblr

Kinks: knotting, alpha!jongin, omega!kyungsoo. Summary: Kyungsoo knew sneaking into an “alpha exclusive” night club was a bad idea.

knot - перевод -

Английский → Украинский - knot. n. вузол, шнурок, моток, сук v. зав'язувати вузол, зав'язуватися, зв'язувати, зав'язувати.

Перевод АНГЛИЙСКОГО слова Knot

Источник для словаря: Babylon English-Chinese (S) Dictionary Больше: Перевод knot с английский на китайский (s).

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