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Half Marathon Meal Plan | LIVESTRONG.COM | Post-Run


If you're an afternoon or evening runner, lighten up your meals, eating the pre-run meal about an hour or two before your workout.

What to eat before a Marathon | Runners Connect


If you need 3 hours to eat a small meal before running, then you need to get up at least three hours before the race to get in a light breakfast.

What to Eat Before Your Half Marathon - Women's Running


Fueling is a key to any successful race. What you choose to put in your body, even a week before the race, can help you run your best possible race and aid in recovery.

The Half Marathoner's Meal Plan - Women's Running


Now the San Diego-based nurse has hit “register” for a half marathon. But how does a newbie safely up her run game to complete the big 13.1? We asked a nutritionist to take a look at Stacy’s diet and help create the perfect half marathon meal plan.

What Should I Eat Before Running a Half-Marathon? | YouBeauty


So, what’s the best thing to eat before running a half-marathon?

What to Eat the Week Before a Marathon or Half Marathon


A few guidelines for how to eat in the week leading up to your marathon or half marathon, including a sample meal plan.

What Do I Eat Before My Race? | Runner's World


I am running my first half-marathon in three days. I am as nervous about the distance as I am about what to eat before my run on Sunday morning. Should I plan on pasta for lunch and dinner each meal leading up to Sunday?

What to eat before running a half marathon? – Blogilates


OK I should go to sleep but thought I should do a quickie blog post on what to eat before running a half marathon or marathon!

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Running a Marathon


Considering running a marathon? Don’t sign up too fast. Instead, ask yourself these key questions before you

Best 25+ Eating before running ideas on Pinterest | Marathon...


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