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WorldWideEducation. KazUIR & WL named after Abylai Khan, that is a well- known center for teaching and scientific research on learning foreign languages in Kazakhstan and abroad, the oldest university in the country, having 75 years of experience in teaching foreign languages, develops and implements a number of  ...

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Russian for foreigners. Why Kazakhstan? For those of you who may ask: “Why would I decide to study Russian in Kazakhstan and not in Russia” we will give you three main reasons. Firstly, Russian is official language in Kazakhstan due to formerly being a part of Soviet Union and 90% of the population speak it as a first  ...

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Although Kazakh is also spoken here, as expats it is highly unlikely that you will be expected to know Kazakh, so this is why we are advising you to study Russian first, and if you have time later on, you can learn some Kazakh. We believe it may be confusing if both languages are studied simultaneously, however if you are a  ...

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Send message. Save on commute time with Online Tutoring. Learn more with the best online tutors, even if you're miles apart. Explore online tutors · Zarina K. Last seen more than a month ago. Zarina K. Kazakhstan Tutor has passed ID and education credentials verification. Russian language Russian language. New tutor.

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29 окт 2014 ... Basic Russian Language Course. 1. Basic Russian Expressions Peace Corps/ Kazakhstan, November 2005 Basic Russian Expressions for Peace Corps Trainees in Kazakhstan List of tracks: Track 1. Brief Introduction to the Russian Language and list of tracks…………… p. 2 Track 2. Russian Alphabet …

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The first Kazakh-Russian schools of a “class-lesson” system established in the Bukei Horde, Kazakhstan by Zhangir Khan as a new pedagogical trend Текст научной .... 15) Tatar language. The chief super-visor of the school or college — Khan. Study period: from October till May. 2 year's term pedagogical competition.

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14 апр 2016 ... WLPP is recruiting students for a 4-week Intensive Russian course (80 academic hours), which starts on 4 July 2016. ... Confucius Institute; Al-Farabi Kazakh National University; Ablaykhan Kazakh University of International Relations and Foreign Languages; Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University ...

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The concept of multilingual education has been focused on in-depth study of the national Kazakh, international Russian language and English as the language of international communication. Particular attention is paid to professionally oriented language training in order to prepare professionals who are fluent in three ...

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Among member societies are leading universities with competence in the field of Russian language study (such as Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg ... “ Language and innovations” in Kazakhstan, International Reader Contest “ARS Poetica” in Slovakia, Belgrad meetings of Slavonic Russian scholars in Serbia.

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We are learning the Kazakh language. "Arnau" - the center of language culture - http://arnau.kz. Learning Kazakh: easy and affordable - http://kazcenter.kz. Kazakh-Russian-Kazakh Dictionary online - http://sozdik.kz. It implemented a two -way transfer. Virtual Keyboard allows you to enter specific letters of Kazakh language.

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Peace Corps- Kazakhstan Russian Language Lessons. COURSE OVERVIEW The Russian (Kazakhstan) language course is designed to teach you the basic survival level you would need.

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Free Kazakhstan Russian Language Course from the US Peace Corps. The good folks at Live Lingua have put together and made available for free download online the Kazakhstan Russian Peace Corps Language Course.

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This Russian course was developed by the U.S. Peace Corps for its volunteers going to Kazakhstan.

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Russian Kazakhstan Language Audio Training Course. In undergoing this life, many people always try to do and get the best. New knowledge, experience, lesson, and everything that can improve the life will be done.

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This Russian course was developed by the U.S. Peace Corps for its volunteers going to Kazakhstan. Although Kazakh is the state language of Kazakhstan, Russian is the predominant language spoken.

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Whatever type of Russian course and language school Kazakhstan in you are looking for, Languagebookings.com will help you find it—and at the lowest possible price!

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Russian Kazakhstan Language Audio Training Course.

Basic Russian Language Course


An introductory Russian language course prepared by the U.S. Peace Corps for its volunteers.

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Kazakh language (қазақ тілі) is the Kazakhstan’s state language, which belongs to the Turkic group of languages. One of the distinctive features of the Kazakh language are frequent borrowings from Persian and Arabic.

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Intercultural, language and communication skills courses to succeed in Kazakhstan.

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