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Online Fractal Generator | The Julia set of z2 + 0.157 - 1.041i


The Julia and Fatou sets are named after Gaston Julia and Pierre Fatou, two French

Online Julia Set Plotter - ScienceDemos.org.uk


The Julia set was first discovered in the late 1970s. Equations. The Julia set shown on this page is calculated by iterating the equation zn+1=z2n+c. The starting conditions are z0=x+iy.

Explain the GPU optimization of Julia Set... - Programmer Sought


Julia Set refers to a complex number set that satisfies the following iterative convergence.

how to use set operations in julia language - Stack Overflow


julia> Set(A) - Set(B) WARNING: a::Set - b::Set is deprecated, use setdiff(a,b) instead. in - at

Fractals/Iterations in the complex plane/Julia set - Wikibooks, open...


This book shows how to code different algorithms for drawing sets in dynamical plane : Julia, Filled-in Julia or Fatou sets for complex quadratic polynomial. It is divided in 2 parts : description of various algorithms. descriptions of technics for visualisation of various sets in dynamic plane. Julia set.

Julia set viewer


Julia set viewer. I admit that I’m writing this in 2017, though I meant to write about it 2014! I made a Julia set viewer that can run in the web browser, rendering it in realtime using the GPU.

Julia set fractal


The Julia set is named after the French mathematician Gaston Julia who investigated their properties circa 1915 and culminated in his famous paper in 1918. While the Julia set is now associated with a...

Sets in Julia - GeeksforGeeks


Set in Julia is a collection of elements just like other collections like arrays, dictionaries, etc. Sets are different from arrays because sets are unordered collections of unique elements whereas the order of...

Julia set with Python + Fortran, C/C++ and Julia


Julia Set¶. In the notebook I present different way to accelerate python code. This is a modified version from Loic Gouarin. The test case is the computation of the Julia set wikipedia.

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Mandelbrot and Julia Set GUI application written in Python & Tkinter.

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