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В своем видео-ролике Эфир (Часть 2). ... Когда Дж. Дж. Томсон познакомился с результатами этого эксперимента, ... Plum pudding model – Wikipedia. 6.

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20 мар 2008 ... These rays were shown by J. J. Thomson and others to: consist of a mixture ..... varies forming a characteristic complex wave known as the: video signal. ...... The plum-pudding model of the atom had earlier been used: by S. S. ...

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JJ Thomson: The Plum Pudding Model. 33,943 views.

Diagram of J.J. Thomson's "Plum Pudding Model" of the atom.

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· just now. Jj Thomson Plum Pudding Model.

jj thomson plum pudding model video

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JJ Thomson proposed the first model of the atom with subatomic structure. He had performed a series of experiments and was credited with the discovery of the first sub-atomic particle, the electron.

JJ Thomson: the PLUM PUDDING MODEL!!! Michelle Kao Elysia Hung

WordPress Shortcode. Link. JJ Thomson: The Plum Pudding Model.

Thomson's Plum Pudding Model of the Atom - YouTube

JJ Thomson proposed the first model of the atom with subatomic structure. He had performed a

Jj thomson plum pudding model experiment

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jj thomson: the plum pudding model Download Image 728 X 546.

Atoms History Jj Thomson Discovery of The Electron Plum Pudding...

You can click on the links below to jump to sections in the lesson: 0:09 John Dalton's model of the atom (1803) 0:54 JJ Thomson's model of the atom (1897) "plum pudding model," cathode rays 2:27 Ernest Rutherford's model of the atom (1909) gold foil experiment 4:20 Niels Bohr's model of the...

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