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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) - Characters and Voice Actors - YouTube


GTA 5 | Trevor, Michael and Franklin MAKE A MOVIE - Продолжительность: 11:29 JANTSUU 174 972 просмотра.

Michael's Daughter? - GTA V - GTAForums


GTA Forums. Forum Support.

Were the GTA5 voice actors paid residuals this time?


I'd like to know if R* paid the new generation of voice actors for GTA5's main characters residuals for this game. Given how much money GTA5 made, it's not like they couldn't afford to.

Grand Theft Auto V - 114 Cast Images | Behind The Voice Actors


Pics of the Grand Theft Auto V voice actors (Game).

GTA 5 Voice | KLAERWERK Community


Kompatibilität Das Voice Plugin ist aktuell mit GT-MP und GTA:Network kompatibel.



GTA5Voice is a voice solution that can be used to integrate voice communication for players into your game or modification. Primarily developed for GTA 5 Multiplayer (GT-MP, GTA:Network and such) it offers you various functionality so your users don't have to rely on text chat.

GTA 5 New Character and Voice Actor Uncovered


A new voice actor has revealed to be playing a role in Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5.

I Want To Join A Solo Public Session :: Grand Theft Auto...


GTA Online on PC is so broken, you shouldn't have to do this, but unfortunately you're forced to. #13.

GTA V: Voice Actors Behind Michael, Franklin, and Trevor Finally...


Who all are the voice actors behind our GTA V lead characters (Michael, Franklin and Trevor)?, this question has been asked million times and now it seems like we have finally got the answer. In GTA V, Michael is voiced by Ned Luke...

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