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Foods to Avoid With Fever Blisters | LIVESTRONG.COM


Some people find that eating spicy foods triggers an outbreak of fever blisters; other people find that spicy foods irritate the skin and cause additional pain in the cold sore area rather than cause the outbreak in the first place. Whatever the case is for you, it is a smart idea to avoid consuming spicy...

The Types of Food to Avoid With a Cold-Sore Outbreak | SF Gate


Cold sores can be triggered by stress, hormonal changes, sun exposure or depressed immunity. Avoiding certain foods may help minimize the duration of an outbreak.

Foods to Avoid with a Cold Sore (for Permanent Relief)


Foods to Stay Away From During a Cold Sore Outbreak. This article will focus on several different categories of foods. These breakdowns will make it easier to know which foods you should avoid, and which ones are safe to eat during a flare-up.

Foods to Eat And Ones to Avoid When You Have a Cold


Honey is one of nature’s health foods and can be of great comfort during a cold for easing a sore throat and reducing coughing fits which add to the throat inflammation.

Foods to Avoid With Cold Sores


According to the Herpes Viruses Association in the U.K., too much alcohol is a common reason for the recurrence of cold sores and should be avoided.

What’s Good to Eat When You have a Sore Throat?


Learn about what foods are good to eat and what foods to avoid if you have a sore throat.

The Guide to Never Getting Cold Sores: Foods to Eat, Foods to...


Saying goodbye to refined sugars and carbohydrates, and other junk foods, can do wonders for your body in more ways than you know. In addition to improving your diet, there are other things you can do to prevent cold sores.

Cold Sores - Proper Diet and Foods to Avoid


Such cold sores foods to eat include rosehip, wines and juices made from grapes, apricots, prunes, black tea, and red clover. Cold sores foods to avoid include artificial sweeteners, white bread, refined flours, refined sugars, caffeine, oats, nuts, and chocolates.

7 arginine-rich foods to avoid if you get cold sores


Find out which foods to avoid if you’re prone to cold sores in this blog post.

food to eat to avoid cold sores


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