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What are the Best Foods to Eat the Week Before a Marathon


It’s a great question and a runners diet in the week before a marathon is a very important part of success on race day.

What to Eat the Week Before a Marathon or Half Marathon


A lot of people make the same mistake in how they eat before a marathon — they wait until the night before the race to eat their big meal.

The Best Food to Eat the Night Before a Marathon


GOAL. Gain 2 pounds per week.

Good Food to Eat Before Running a Half-Marathon


The foods you choose to eat on race day is very important, but your diet in the days before your race can also impact your run.

founding Dulcinea: What to Eat the Week Before a Marathon


Ten days before a marathon, your training is essentially done, with just one run of 8-10 miles at a moderate pace, plus a handful of shorter runs, left.

food to eat week before marathon


Keep eating a balanced diet the week before marathon. Don’t try any new diets or foods. Be sure to eat the recommended amounts of proteins, carbs and fats and be eating lots of fruits and vegetables, those complex carbohydrates.

10 Things You MUST Eat Before the Marathon or the Sky Will Fall


What I Eat The Week Before A Marathon: 1. Bananas!!! “One banana a day keeps the cramps away.”

What To Eat The Week Of Your Marathon - Women's Running


Start planning what foods you need to pack or pick up at a local market to prep the final few days of taper week.

5 Things You Should Do The Week Before A Half Marathon


1. Stick to your eating normal routine- It’s so tempting the week before a half to change everything you’ve been doing to

Marathon meal plans | BBC Good Food | Not sure what to cook?


Worried about what to eat and when to run the week before a marathon?

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