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Функции CAST и CONVERT (Transact-SQL) - SQL... | Microsoft Docs


В данном случае будет получено шестнадцатеричное значение 4100: SELECT CAST(CAST(0x41 AS nvarchar) AS varbinary).It returns a hexadecimal

12.10 Cast Functions and Operators


The CAST() function takes an expression of any type and produces a result value of a specified type, similar to CONVERT().

CHAR(CAST(0x3A as int)) : CHAR « String Functions « SQL Server...


CHAR: the reverse of the ASCII function as it changes a numeric value in to an ASCII character.

c - Casting a short from a char array - Stack Overflow


I've run into a small issue here. I have an unsigned char array, and I am trying to access bytes 2-3 (0xFF and 0xFF) and get their value as a short. Code: …

ASCII chart | end of line sequences


Characters which appear as names in parentheses (e.g., (nl)) are non-printing characters. end of line sequences.

Help with handling the release incompatible change...


VARCHAR(00.10) or CAST(00.10 AS VARCHAR(4)) or CAST(00.10 AS CHAR(4)).

Unicode Lookup: convert special characters


0x1D351 hexadecimal. 0b110101 binary number. Examples. Greek characters.

ASCII — Википедия


В первой версии стандарта ASCII (1963 год) — в позициях 0x5e (94) и 0x5f (95) располагались символы «стрелка вверх» и «стрелка влево», соответственно.

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