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0x393 עופר וינטר נפתלי בנט יש עתיד זהבה גלאון עמיר פרץ בחירות 2015.

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SELECT * FROM ( SELECT aaa AS Col, 1 AS Official FROM table1 UNION ALL SELECT bbb AS Col, 0 AS Official FROM table2 ) AS tbl ORDER BY Official, Col.

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security - 404 errors that look like strange SQL... - Stack Overflow


TomJones999 - As is mentioned in the comments (sort of), this is a security issue for you. The reason for so many URL requests is because it is likely a script that is rifling through many URL requests which have SQL in them and the script / hacker is attempting to either do a reconnaissance and find if your...

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mysql - How to handle these 404 errors that look like... - Server Fault


As of a couple of weeks ago, I keep seeing a LOT of 404s that don't even look like links

libinjection/sqli-misc.txt at master · client9/libinjection · GitHub


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How to handle 404 errors that look like SQL errors or hacking attempts?


I have an E-commerce site (built on OpenCart I'm using an SEO pack plugin that keeps a list of 404 errors, so we can make redirects. As of a couple of weeks ago, I keep seeing a LOT of 404s that don't even look like links

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