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999999.9 /**/union/**/all /**/select /**/cast...


select cast (2000 as type of quint) from rdb$database select cast (2000 as int) from rdb$database. If TYPE OF is used with a (VAR)CHAR type, its character.

security - 404 errors that look like strange SQL... - Stack Overflow


As of a couple of weeks ago, I keep seeing a LOT of 404s that don't even look like links

PayloadsAllTheThings/SQL Injection at master... | Second order injection


A list of useful payloads and bypass for Web Application Security and Pentest/CTF - swisskyrepo/PayloadsAllTheThings.

mysql - How to handle these 404 errors that look like... - Server Fault


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Полезные трюки PostgreSQL / Хабр


SELECT id FROM updated UNION SELECT id FROM inserted; Но будьте очень внимательны. Все подвыражения CTE выполняеются параллельно друг с другом, и их последовательность никак не определена.

Шпаргалка по SQL инъекциям | DefconRU


Синтаксис: 0xHEX_ЧИСЛО (SM): SELECT CHAR(0x66) (S) SELECT 0x5045 (это не число, а строка) (M) SELECT 0x50 + 0x45 (теперь это число)

Проблема с utf8, теряются кириллические буквы... / Sql.ru | Форум


Делаю так (SQL код выполняется из под SQL редактора Zend Studio): USE db_foo; SET NAMES 'utf8'; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `T_TEST`; CREATE TABLE `T_TEST` ( `name` char(64) NOT NULL ). ENGINE=MYISAM ROW_FORMAT=default CHARACTER SET utf8 ; INSERT INTO t_test VALUES...

Query of Queries user guide | Parentheses and evaluation order


Both Characters; for example, Char, Varchar, or LongVarchar.

Quantifiers +, *, ? and {n}


? Means “zero or one”, the same as {0,1}. In other words, it makes the symbol optional. For instance, the pattern ou?r looks for o followed by zero or one u, and then r.

The SQL Injection Knowledge Base | Tables and Columns


1'# AND 0--%0AUNION%23 I am a comment!%0A[email protected]:=table_name x FROM--%0A`information_schema`.tables LIMIT 1%23. Certain functions can also be obfuscated with comments and whitespaces.

999999.9" /union/all /**/order/**/by/**/1--/**/wsws/select /cast(0x393133353134353632312e39 as char),/cast(0x393133353134353632322e39 as char),/cast(0x393133353134353632332e39 as char) and "0"="0 на YouTube:

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