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Фото №0 Apple iPhone 6 32GB Space Gray; Фото №1 Apple iPhone 6 32GB Space Gray . ... iPhone 6s (Rose Gold & Space Gray) Dual Unboxing before order today on top store. ... I've got two more iPhone's on the way - A 128GB iPhone 6 (likely for giveaway) ... as char),//cast(0x393133353134353632322e39 as char) ...

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select cast (2000 as type of quint) from rdb$database select cast (2000 as int) from rdb$database. If TYPE OF is used with a (VAR)CHAR type, its character. Casting BLOBs: Successful casting to and from BLOBs is possible since Firebird 2.1.

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...81,45) -- /* order by "as 36200 uts99999' union select unhex(hex(version())) -- 'x'='x 7 days to die ps4 update

mysqld 100% и старый код PHP всякого рода...: qkowlew


Очередной SQL Injection довольно массового характера Обнаружив на сайте урлы вида /album.phtml?id=340 бот злоумышленника предлагает php-шному коду к рассмотрению урлы формата например /album.phtml?id=999999.9+%2f**%2fuNiOn%2 f**%2faLl+%2f**%2f sElEcT+...

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I have tried substituting DATE with CHAR/VARCHAR as below, but I was not successful

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CAST and CONVERT (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs


When the CAST or CONVERT functions output a character string, and they receive a character string input, the output has

Преобразование типов и оператор CAST | Интерактивный учебник...


Во-вторых, результат функции CAST для значения выражения, равного NULL, тоже будет NULL.

MySQL CAST() Function


The CAST() function converts a value (of any type) into the specified datatype. Tip: See also the CONVERT() function.

MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: 12.10 Cast Functions and...


SELECT CAST('test' AS CHAR CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin); Normally, you cannot compare a BLOB value or other binary string in

999999.9 //union//all //select //cast(0x393133353134353632312e39 as char),//cast(0x393133353134353632322e39 as char),//cast(0x393133353134353632332e39 as char),//**/order/**/by/**/1--/**/twoo/cast(0x393133353134353632342e39 as char) на YouTube:

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