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He then looked for one who wanted to buy his house, and as a return, he would have a piece of land, a cart or some rice. That means, from the beginning, when money didn’t appear, people exchange their things with others’ by which is so-called "purchase and sale agreements". They didn’t care much if the...

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AS/400 Advanced Series


When you select an item from a menu, either

OS Zone — компьютерный информационный портал


Информационный, обучающий портал о компьютерных технологиях и программном обеспечении. Статьи и видео по IT-технологиям. Обзоры программного обеспечения, компьютерных комплектующих и новинок по IT-безопасности. Каталог программных продуктов под Windows и...



Anthropology 113 — Witchcraft, Magic

Ham Radio | Part IV: Building and Operating a Station That Works


4. Select the An Individual option and the location of your contact address, and then click the Continue button.

Programmer's Guide | Installing the Client RPM on Red Hat and SUSE


Select the driver, and then click Finish.

The Robert C | Note from the Publisher


113B QA Should Find Nothing . . ... . 114B The Test Automation

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