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List of country calling codes - Wikipedia


Country calling codes or country dial-in codes are telephone number prefixes for reaching telephone subscribers in the networks of the member countries or regions of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The codes are defined by the ITU-T in standards E.123 and E.164.

List of mobile telephone prefixes by country - Wikipedia


International Networks (country code), allocated the +882 and +883 codes. List of country calling codes. Mobile phone. List of international call prefixes.

Lists of country codes - Wikipedia


This is a listing of lists of country codes: List of ISO country codes (ISO 3166). ITU country code (International Telecommunication Union). List of country calling codes E.164. Mobile country code E.212. Maritime identification digits. List of ITU letter codes (radiocommunication division).

List of country codes and international exit codes


Comprehensive list of country calling codes, IDD international exit codes and national trunk prefixes.

List of country calling codes - Wikitravel


This article is a travel topic When calling a phone number in another country, there is usually a prefix you have to dial to indicate that you're placing an international call; this varies by country. After that international dialling prefix...

Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes...


Find more information about country codes, phone codes, and ISO country codes. We've got the phone codes you need for easy international calling!

Cisco Wireless Controller Configuration Guide, Release 8.5 - Country...


The country list configured on the RF group leader determines what channels the members would operate on. This list is independent of what countries have been configured on the RF group members. Information About Japanese Country Codes.

+85 Country: Laos


Country code: +850 Country: DPR Korea (North) Country code: +852 Country: Hong Kong Country code: +853 Country: Macau Country code: +855 Country: Cambodia Country code: +856 Country: Laos.

International Country Calling Codes, International Dialing Code List


International Dialing Code. Reliance Global Call Enterprise Service provides the list of all the international country.

Understanding International Country Codes | Verizon Phone Support


Understanding international & country codes, how to locate codes, place calls, find rates, and more using your Verizon home phone service-calling area plan.

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