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Сегодня в тикетах увидел вот от такого пользователя "SomeCustomInjectedHeader:injected_by_wvs" такого пользователя не существует. новый тикет .

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somecustominjectedheader injected by wvs value in Gematria Calculator. (Type in a word or a number e.g. God, Devil, 100, 666 - To calculate gematria values).

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The MD5 hash of: SomeCustomInjectedHeader:injected_by_wvs is: ae987793c39b887eb4d5a9e78882e1fe. You can attempt to reverse the MD5 hash which was just generated, to reverse it into the originally provided string

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injected_by_wvs is used by Acunetix Web (w) Vulnerability (v) Scanner (s) (wvs). This is a Cross (x) Site (s) Script (s) - XSS - which is being inserted into a parameter (usually a form: name, date, time, age, etc). SQL based injections will contain a portion of a SQL statement (SELECT * FROM, INSERT...

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...by wvs pictures to create somecustominjectedheader injected by wvs ecards, custom profiles, blogs, wall posts, and somecustominjectedheader

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SomeCustomInjectedHeader:injected_by_wvs. Это приходит на электронку в "Теме" и "Тексте" письма. Как думаете, или кто знает, что пытаются сделать злоумышленники?)

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Производитель: Nu-Way. Цена от __ SomeCustomInjectedHeader:injected_by_wvs до 0 ⃏. Топливо: Комбинированные.

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somecustominjectedheader:injected_by_wvs where can i find it and what does it do?

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SomeCustomInjectedHeader:injected_by_wvs. RAW Paste Data.

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Message: SomeCustomInjectedHeader:injected_by_wvs Message: Set-Cookie: cookiename=cookievalue.

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