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c - What is the difference between NULL, '\0' and 0 - Stack Overflow


In C, there appear to be differences between various values of zero -- NULL, NUL and 0. I know that the ASCII character '0' evaluates to 48 or 0x30. The NULL pointer is usually defined as: … Or …

c - check the null terminating character in char* - Stack Overflow


I was just trying to see how to check for the null terminating character in the char * array but I failed. I can find the length using the for loop

In SQL Server, replace a Char(0), the null character... - Stack Overflow


What is a construct in SQL Server T-SQL that will replace a Char(0), the null character, embedded in a string with its hex code? I.e. … does not return 't0x00t', what does?

Android char java.lang.String.charAt(int)' on a null object reference


I'm trying to get the first char from a string in an Array-adapter. After I run the application, it will work but while scrolling, the listview is crashing the application and I am getting the error: …

java - How to check if a char is null - Stack Overflow


I want to check if the char is null or not? but why this code is not working? letterChar == null also is not working. I googled for many problems but didn't see any solutions, mostly the solutions are about String.

c++ - Convert non-null-terminated char* to int - Stack Overflow


The problem is that they are not null-terminated, which of course causes problems with atoi. The solution I have been using is to manually append a null to the character sequence, and then convert it.

Заметка про NULL / Хабр


Даже выражение NULL != NULL не будет истинным, ведь нельзя однозначно сравнить одну неизвестность с другой. Кстати, ложным это выражение тоже не будет, потому что при вычислении условий Oracle не ограничивается состояниями ИСТИНА и ЛОЖЬ.

initializing char arrays to null | Forum


> char array[SIZE] = {0}; Nothing wrong with this. It just assumes that the remaining SIZE-1 elements are also zero, so that's it, job done.

10.19.2 Коды символов ASCII | Char


Другие символы. NUL. Null. (No character- нет данных). Используется для передачи в случае отсутствия данных.

strcat() and null chars question | Forum


When using strcat() to combine two strings, are both null characters preserved? Or is one of them lost, so that only one null character exists at the end of the new, larger string? Thanks in advance for your time and patience in answering this...

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