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JSON serialization error · Issue #311 · elastic/elasticsearch-hadoop


Just to add more to this, For sometime I thought that my dataset (Which is pretty huge)might have some wrong characters or something to not qualify as a _id, but I bulk indexed the data from a standalone java application, it works fine without complaining. costin added a commit that referenced this issue...

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How can I protect my eyes from digital screens? | Firmoo Answers


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Apart from being different from other online shopping ventures, Khazanay.pk has features that makes it different from other second-hand online platforms as well. For instance, while such sites are mostly customer-to-customer based, Khazanay.pk is the first Seller-to-buyer based one. What makes this a...

Сервера Jail Break CS 1.6 - Мониторинг серверов CS 1.6 Jail Break...



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The BitLox will store the recognition phrase, and upon startup will ask for a PIN with which to attempt decryption. Now, ALL PINs will result in the decryption of the stored encrypted data, but ONLY your specifically selected PIN will decrypt this data to the recognition phrase you previously set.

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