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Watts to horsepower (hp) conversion calculator


Watts (W) to horsepower, power conversion: calculator and how to convert.

Horsepower Calculator


Horsepower Calculation Based on Definition. By definition power = force*distance/time.

Horsepower to Torque Calculator, Formula


The relative quantities are used to calculate the relationship between torque, horsepower and watts. The measurement of horsepower to torque calculation is involved in many electrical engineering applications.

Watts to Horsepowers Conversion Calculator


Use the following calculator to convert between watts and horsepowers.

Calculate your Horsepower. Divide the number of Watts by 746 to...


First we need to convert the horsepower to watts. 1HP=746 watts.

Power and Heat Flow Rate Conversion Calculator


Convert among power and heat flow units. Convert to watt, horsepower, joules per hour, and BTU per hour.

Horsepower Calculator


This horsepower calculator estimates the power in watts, other units as well as the equivalent in mechanical or electrical horsepower. Below the form you can find more information on this formula and the conversions used and an example calculation.

Watts to Horsepower | Kyle's Converter


Instantly Convert Watts (W) to Horsepower (hp) and Many More Power Conversions Online.

Horsepower Calculator Torque and Speed of Steam Engines


Calculate the horsepower of steam engines through online Horsepower Calculator by entering the values for torque and speed and applying the respective formula.

Electric Motor Horsepower How to calculate electric motor HP using...


How to convert RLA or LRA / FLA into motor horsepower for typical electrical motors. Relationship of HP, Watts, and Amps.

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