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The equation for finding how many watt hours are available in a battery when the amp hours are known is voltage x amp hours. For instance, a 12 volt 105 amp hour (AH) battery can supply 1260 watt hours (12 volts x 105 amp hours =1260 watt hours).

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(5Ah), and so if it ran like this continuously for 24 hours, it would have drawn and consumed a total of 120 Amp-Hours (5Ah x 24h = 120Ah).

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Power in Watts = Current in Amps x Voltage. Consider the following… A battery rated for 100 amp hours will provide 5 amps for 20 hours.

14 Amp Hour / 140 Watt Hour Lithium Ion Battery: 6 Steps


Amp hours and watt hours can be converted back and forth using the formula Volts x Amps = Watts. If you have a 10 amp hour battery you can convert it to watt hours by multiplying by volts.

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Energy in Watt-hours (Wh) to electric charge in milliamp-hours (mAh) calculator. Enter the energy in watt-hours (Wh) and voltage in volts (V) and press the Calculate button

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Power, the rate at which equipment uses energy, is expressed as units called watts. The total amount of energy used over time is watt-hours. Amperes, or amps, measure current, the flow of electric charge.

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Watt-hours is the energy consumed by a load with 1 Watt power consumption for one hour. This is the same unit that the power company uses to determine your electric bill. So the question may be altered to be "Why are batteries expressed in Amp-Hours instead of KiloWatt-Hours"...

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Use a calculator. Understand that you are calculating amps given Watts and voltage. You cannot “convert” Watts to amps because they measure entirely different things.

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Convert watts to ampere-hours? Watts = amp x volts. As you can see by the formula you have parameters missing.

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To calculate amp-hours from watts, you need to use equivalent terms: either the number of watt-hours or how long something operates at a certain number of watts. Couple this with voltage, and you can easy calculate amp-hours.

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