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Nov 22, 2015 ... Kazakhstan - My Country. Казахстан - Моя страна. - Duration: 7:12. Heart for children 1,136 views · 7:12. Kazakhstan/Kazakhstan Country/Kazakhstan Geography - Duration: 3:42. Kids Learning Tube 244,099 views · 3:42 · Презентация на английском языке про красивые места Казахстана - Duration : ...

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8 май 2014 ... Weeks. Dates. № of lessons. Themes. Skills. Home task. Vocabulary. Grammar. I TERM. Kazakhstan is my Motherland (9 hours). 1. 02.09 – 07.09. 1. Diagnostic Test. To define students' level of know of English. Word formation, types of sentences (imperative, interrogative, negative) and questions (general, ...

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I want to tell you about my homeland. My homeland is Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is an independent Republic. It is situated in the Central Asia. Its population, is 16 million. All people of Kazakhstan have equal rights and duties. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. The territory of Kazakhstan is huge. It borders on China in the ...

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On July 6, 1994, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan decided to move the capital from Almaty to Akmola. On December 10, 1997, the capital was .... The capital city is the heart of our motherland, the symbol of people's confidence in their own strength and great mission. Nowadays representatives of more ...

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Lesson 3. Theme: Adventure holidays in Kazakhstan. Lesson 4. Theme: Test. Lesson 5. Theme: Grammar lesson. Lesson. Theme: Grammar lesson. Lesson 6. ... Lesson 31. Theme: The Ecological Association “Tabigat” · Lesson 32. Theme: Grammar lesson. Lesson 33. Theme: Kazakhstan is my Motherland. Lesson 34.

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I'd like to tell you a few facts about my motherland - Russia. I was born in Atkarsk, but grew up in Saratov. My parents moved to the larger city when I was five years old. So, my school years are connected with Saratov. It's a large city, which is a major port on Volga River. We have relatives in other cities of Russia, so we often  ...

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Пример: My wallet was stolen – Мой кошелек был украден. Passive Voice в вопросительной форме ... после первого вспомогательного глагола. Пример: This exam was not passed by him – Этот тест не был сдан ним. ... Past Perfect: My wallet had been stolen. Future Perfect: My wallet will have been stolen.

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6 ноя 2012 ... My nation has gone through many tough impediments like starvation and hunger in 1930s, Stalin's camps, and open tests of nuclear weapons in Semipalatinsk. Moreover, we always struggled with severe climate. However, Kazakh people have a blood of great nomads who were fighting many centuries ...

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Nauryz – Kazakh new year. Nauryz is a very important holiday for Kazakhs, which marks the beginning of a new year. It is celebrated several days starting from 21st of March, the day of the spring equinox. Nauryz means 'new day', it is celebrated in the Great Steppes from ancient times. Nauryz symbolizes goodness and ...

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Краткое сочинение (топик) "Казахстан" с переводом текста на русский язык ( Kazakhstan)

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Просмотр содержимого документа «test "Kazakhstan is my motherland"».

kazakhstan is my motherland test


Grammar. I TERM. Kazakhstan is my Motherland (9 hours).

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Kazakhstan is my Motherland. Приглашаем принять участие в III Республиканском творческом конкурсе «Наурыз — көктем мейрамы».

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Kazakhstan is my Motherland. 06.05.2016 2145 238 Дузелбаева Гульжан Унайбаевна.

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Theme: Kazakhstan is my Motherland: Aims of the lesson: To enrich the pupils knowledge giving them more information about Kazakhstan. To develop the pupils speech speaking on the text, and revising the grammar "Passive Voice", helping them freely express their opinions and thoughts.

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5. Kazakhstan was established as the Republic of Kazakhstan in ……..

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The theme of our lesson is « Kazakhstan is My Motherland ». So let's begin our lesson. At first let's is My Motherland » Открыть презентацию.



The theme: Kazakhstan is my Motherland. The aims of the lesson: educational: to enrich pupili knowledge about Kazakhstan.

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Kazakhstan is My Motherland Цели: 1. Развивающая: формирование дальнейшего развития устойчивого интереса к изучению английского языка как средства общения. развитие объема памяти, сам.

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My Kazakhstan - my Motherland / Казахстан - моя родина. Презентация «Our Kazakhstan ».

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